Although the Mercedes concept for Design Challenge looks like an oblate robot with a giant and eerie eye its concept insures it is beautiful on the inside. Although not entirely a plausible design the Mercedes is meant to Grow the way leaves on a tree grow as opposed to built in a factory.

Arch2o-Gizmag-Mercedes BIOME (1)Courtesy of Mercedes BIOME

From the Mercedes logo the inner and outer shell of the car would grow when a genetic code is combined with the seed capsule. The car would run “BioNectar4534” stored in the car’s BioFibre, of which the only by-product is oxygen.

By Danya Hakky

Arch2o-Gizmag-Mercedes BIOME (3)Courtesy of Mercedes BIOME

Courtesy of Mercedes BIOME

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    What a look? It is really amazing; there are no words to explain it. The Mercedes BIOME is a challenge in automobile sector. I think it is the most stylist model in automobile world, it has no doubt. I am waiting to see it on road as soon as possible. Its beautiful structure will attract every one towards it. I hope its features will be as the level of its structure. Now Robert looks like car is coming in market.
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