Buying gifts for architects can be a handful, especially if your loved one is in the field. Dear God, help us, they can be REALLY picky!!

With the holidays coming up, you are probably stuck again with Christmas presents and what to get them. So, to help you out with this tough task, we brought you a list of our favorite gifts for the new year and hope it will save your day. Let’s get started:

1) Notre Dame Cathedral 3D Metal Model Kit

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Of course, this is just one of many other modeling kits you can buy for several world landmarks. Some of them don’t even need glue to put them together, only cutters will be enough.

2) Lego Architecture Kits

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LEGO has been into making toy blocks for decades. However, not all of these blocks were made as toys for kids. During the last few years, LEGO has produced several kits for iconic architectural edifices like Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, and the Guggenheim Museum. So, make sure you consider these before you head to the stores.

3) Blueprint Paperweight

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You can also consider this as a piece of stationary for their desk at the office. It is surely handy and stylish.

4) Blueprint Mug

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For their morning coffee, you can buy them a blueprint mug for some of the most famous buildings across the globe.

5) Alvar Aalto’s vase

Photo via MoMA

Celebrated Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto designed this vase for the World Fair in 1937. Its remarkable design made it into an all-time best seller.

6) Laser Cut Skyline Shadow-play

Photo via 13gramm

You can pick your beloved one’s favorite skyline from many major cities across the world. Upon lighting up the little candle at the center of the piece, the most beautiful shadows of the city skyline will be cast on the walls of their room.

7) 3D Printing Pen (3doodler)

Photo via Fab

Since 3D printing is ‘in’ nowadays, this 3doodler would be perfect for high-tech-obsessed architects with an artistic talent.

8) Blockitecture

Photo via Area Ware

Who doesn’t enjoy toy blocks even when they grow older? Awaken your dear one’s inner child as they start assembling this gift.

9) Elephant Bottle Opener

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In 1987, this silver-colored bottle opener was created by the Finnish designer Jørgen Møller along with his grandchild. Since then, it has been flying off the shelves that it has become a phenomenon.

10) Skyline Chess Set

Courtesy of Skyline Chess – Image via

The New York architecture-themed chess set by UK-based start-up Skyline Chess is a sight to behold for architects who are fans of the long-living strategy game. Instead of the traditional forms for the king, queen, knights, bishops, rooks, and pawns, designers Ian Flood and Chris Prosser used the silhouettes of famous buildings that shape the skyline of New York City.

11) Cityscape Rings

Courtesy of Ola Shekhtman

Ola Shekhtman’s collection targets romantic travelers who often fall in love with the skylines of cities they visit. This way they could carry the images of these skylines wherever they go, and there’s another good idea for cityscape lovers.

12) A city plan wall clock

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This could add an artistic yet professional edge to an architect’s workplace. It would also remind your workaholic partner of you.

13) Hang their favorite blueprint on the wall

Courtesy of Monarch via

Surprise them by hanging a blueprint of their favorite’s building or city on the wall at home or at the office.

14) Drawings of their favorite buildings

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You can also hang minimalist drawings and sketches of their favorite edifices from across the globe.

15) Concrete desk mini-items

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Concrete blocks are also a good idea. Noooo, not the big ones!! They could stack and re-stack these concrete mini-blocks as they wish, and it would also make a fine piece of accessory on their desk.

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