The DNB headquarters is the winning proposal design by MVRDV for the Barcode neighborhood on Oslo’s waterfront. The building will house several workers from 30 different offices. It seeks to reflect the transparency of a modern banking institution.

Arch2o-DNB Headquarters-MVRDV (19)

Courtesy of MVRDV

This pixelated building with its solid outer core is the firm’s response to the client’s need for a strategic headquarters, which expresses its socio-democratic character in the spirit of excellent working and spatial qualities. The response conceives the buildings as a steel rack with a solid outer shell. The several niches on the facades provide the possibility for growing of vegetation.

Arch2o-DNB Headquarters-MVRDV (13)

Courtesy of MVRDV

The pixelated form according to the architects is highly flexible and efficient as it results in each floor being unique and yet generic at the same time.

Arch2o-DNB Headquarters-MVRDV (21)

Courtesy of MVRDV

Housing 2000 flexible workspaces the building contains a 140-seater canteen on the top level, an executive lounge, and the boardroom being in the heart.

Arch2o-DNB Headquarters-MVRDV (16)

Courtesy of MVRDV

Interior vertical circulation is assured by a series of wooden stairs, which connects all communal spaces on all floors right to the top canteen floor. This vertical circulation route is made lively by a series of pantries, informal meeting areas and fireplaces; it also gives access to the terraces and roof gardens. The route is naturally ventilated.

Arch2o-DNB Headquarters-MVRDV (12)

Courtesy of MVRDV

From the exterior, the main entrance lobby is accessed by sheltered entrance zones intersected by a public passage leading to the Oslo Central Station.

Arch2o-DNB Headquarters-MVRDV (11)

Courtesy of MVRDV

Project Details

Location: Oslo, Norway

Year: 2007-2012

Client: Oslo S Utvikling (OSU), Oslo, Norway

User: DNB, Oslo, Norway

Program:  36.500 m2 building and 3.000 m2 concourse36, 2000 flexible work spaces, trading floor with 250 work stations, boardroom and executive lounge, meeting lounge, panoramic restaurant, sheltered arcade and public passage.

Budget: Undisclosed

Design Team: Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries with Jeroen Zuidgeest, Merlijn Huijbers, Aser Giménez-Ortega, Ida Ruth Mathisen, Marin Kulas,  Bart Milon, Jeanne Despas, Gerd Wertzel, Billy Guidoni, Francesco Pasquale, Paul Kroese, Joanna Gasparski, Chris Green, Richard Prest, Jonathan Louie, Marta Gierczynska.


Co-architect: DARK Arkitekter, Oslo, Norway

Project management: Vedal Prosject, Oslo, Norway

Interior architect: Zinc, Oslo, Norway

Structural engineer: Multiconsult, Oslo, Norway

Structural engineer SD phase: Arup, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Climate and installation engineer: Erichsen and Horgen AS, Oslo, Norway

Fire engineer: NEAS Brannconsult AS, Oslo, Norway

Glass facade advice: Schüco International KG, Oslo, Norway

Cleaning advice: Koltek, Oslo, Norway

Brick advice: Roben Tonbaustoffe GmbH, Zetel, Germany

 By Hassan Mohammed Yakubu

Courtesy of MVRDV

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