Common Weathers by NYSCI

An exhibition was held in New York Hall of Science produced by SOFTlab and the LIVING. The exhibition was described as an “exothermic system” that describes New York City. The exhibition involves 10 installations made by different artists.

Arch2o- Common Weathers - NYSCI (7)

Courtesy of NYSCI

The installations are a presentation of New York history of immigration that come to the new generations through technology and science. The exhibitions acts as a meeting point for the different artists with different perspectives. Each artist has his own identified zone under a “canopy”.

Arch2o- Common Weathers - NYSCI (8)

Courtesy of NYSCI

Each canopy acts as an individual space that’s a part of a whole system in the same time. The circular shape of the canopy carries a certain message. As the circle as a geometric shape is known to have no direction, it points to all directions. Same as the artists, each one of them equally influences in all directions.

Arch2o- Common Weathers - NYSCI (10)

Courtesy of NYSCI

Each canopy is made of a different tessellation but they all come to a harmony. A great identification to space in my opinion.

By Rehab Ayman

Courtesy of NYSCI

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