For the 2015 Milan Expo, Bence Pap and Mario Gasser collaborated on this proposal for the Austrian Pavilion claiming them 4th prize in the international competition. Although it did not win, the entry has a strong conceptual approach and multi-faceted design worthy of recognition in the ever evolving world of architecture.

 Arch2o-Australian Pavilion Bence Pap and Mario Gasser (2)

Courtesy of Bence Pap and Mario Gasser

Highlighting the local cultural and craft diversity within Australian regions and the area’s diverse topography, the design resembles an ark of sorts. Within this ark not only is there a broad variety of agricultural crops and goods, but there is also a strong showcase for sustainability.

 Arch2o-Australian Pavilion Bence Pap and Mario Gasser (4)

Courtesy of Bence Pap and Mario Gasser

The pavilion is organized as a two story building comprised of a pair of elongated volumes. The main exhibition is on the first floor while the ground floor is dedicated to amenities and various admin functions. The steel frame construction of the building allows for an internalized fold of the ground granting visitors an easy passage to the main exhibition as well as the articulated folded ceiling along the main axis of circulation. The wood detailing adds to the sense of movement and direction running in long strips throughout the pavilion and ties everything together.


Courtesy of Bence Pap and Mario Gasser

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