3d Fashion Collection | Ludovico-Hannah Soukup

3d Fashion Collection

Hannah Soukup and Ludovico have spontaneously collaborated on these stunning neck-pieces and belt designs which integrated 3d printed elements, for the New York Fashion week. These creative 3d fashion collection accessories brilliantly compliment Hannah’s Supima Design Competition Capsule Collection for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) 2013, set in New York. The theme for this collection was entitled ‘Insides’, “exploring the hidden physical and personal inner self. This unique human self, which is often draped with exterior layers of life and superficiality, reveals itself outwardly in waves of transformation and possibility,” as the designers explain it. These sensuous fluid shapes are inspired by the gradient transitions of the curvilinear human forms. The design flows continuously through multiple scales- from part to whole and from whole to part, ultimately uniting to create a coherent rib-like articulated final form. Just like in its design, the variation of materials in the garments and accessories has a unique transition, creating a symbiotic ‘one’ piece, where the garment, ornaments, texture, and material all become a part of one unified collection. It’s time to go accessory shopping!


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