32 Things You Probably Have Done as an Architecture Student

Here are 32 Things You Probably Have Done as an Architecture School Student

Architecture school students have it hard, and the worst part of it is that no one admits it. Luckily a recent study in the US has revealed that architecture students, actually, work the longest hours between all academic majors. However, do you know how much this fact reveals? The long working hours do replace hours needed to sleep, eat, interact with society, and have some, well-deserved, fun. This is not actually half of it! There is all the physical pain, the accidental injuries, and adding insult to injury the harsh sarcastic criticism. If you are not an architecture student just be grateful for how you get to live a normal college life. If you are an architecture student then here is a tribute to you and all the sufferers: the architecture student ultimate checklist. As you cross out no less than half of it, you will realize you are not alone; the struggle is mutual all over the world. So, Here are 32 Things You Probably Have Done as an Architecture School Student:

1.Cut a finger while working on a physical model for your project.

2.Get accustomed to the smell of glue and, maybe, even taste it.

3.Ruin your sketch while water coloring it.

4.Get your hands spotted with ink and permanent markers; oh, and clothes.

5.Lose your lifetime’s work because you forgot to “Ctrl+S”.

6.Get knee and back pain and complain like a grandfather when you are still 20.

7.Lose your sight. Well, that’s an exaggeration but you’re probably getting glasses.

8.Miss out on a meal because you are short on time, or simply forget to eat.

9.Get a headache because you didn’t take your daily dose of coffee.

10.Check out coffee substitutes to keep you awake, but then just get back to coffee.

11.Procrastinate. It’s a lifestyle.

12.Start work the night before the submission and deeply regret it.

13.Pull an all-nighter, or let’s be precise; pull days and weeks of all-nighters.

14.Hold your tongue, while making the perfect paper ball in your hands or pulling your hair, when listening to your professor’s criticism of course.

15.Hear the argument and the counter-argument, possibly by the same professor.

16.Try to stay sane.

17.Talk to yourself. No, you are not going crazy. This can be good for you, sometimes.

18.Decide to start early on your next submission, then just repeat the cycle. Well, old habits die hard.

19.For once, start working early on your submission, and finish on time or maybe not.

20.Arrive fashionably late to class. Well, just late.

21.Not arrive at all, and it feels really good!

22.Arrive but sleep at class.

23.Work at your friend’s house.

24.Pull an all-nighter at your friend’s house because you wasted half the time talking, discussing, and whining.

25.Experiment all the music genres and make the most peculiar playlists.

26.Listen to movies. Yes, that was the right verb; eyes on the projects and ears getting their own share of entertainment.

27.Run out of money early in the month because the tools are just so expensive.

28.Marvel at your seniors’ ‘brilliant’ work and wonder if you will ever get there.

29.Get there, and start wondering if you might be the new Zaha Hadid or Frank Gehry. Well, it’s a rocky road.

30.Get asked by your family, relations, and friends from outside architecture school, if they do exist, to design their home for free.

31.Lose your friends from outside architecture school because you don’t meet, or you go all nerdy on them when you do.

32.Go on a field trip. Life is not always so bad.

So, how many items have you crossed off of this checklist? And what else do you think should be part of it?

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