The beauty and grace and rawness of the human form have always been a basis for art in the past, it’s been portrayed in every aspect imaginable, and still we find new ways to represent it. What you don’t see every day is the exploration of the form of wild animals. After all you can’t expect a wild wolf to stay still while you draw it and not run away. With Arran Gregory’s latest exhibit titled ‘Wolf’ he explores the animal form through a faceted surface adorned with mirrors covering every side of the acrylic resin and mineral stone sculpture underneath.

Courtesy of Arran Gregory

The mirrors reflect both light and image, giving the sculpture texture in an unexpected way while causing the piece to be dramatic and striking from every angle as the reflections are constantly changing as the viewer’s moves around the room. Gregory’s approach to naturalistic form translates the organic lines of a living creature’s body into planes, an abstract notion that when presented cladded in mirrors begins to bring what would have been a geometric shape into the realm of believability and recognition as it comes to life.

Courtesy of Arran Gregory

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