The 4th edition IS ARCH Awards’ results are already out ! Today, August 4th, have released the results of the 4th Edition of the IS ARCH . In this fourth edition have been submitted 204 projects. Congratulations to the winners!

The IS ARCH organization team and the technical jury members composed by Professor Sir Peter Cook, Odile Decq – Studio Oldile Decq, Fuensanta Nieto – Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, Diego L. Arahuetes – Kengo Kuma, Tomislav Dushanov – Herzog & de Meuron, Gavin Robotham – Cook Robotham Architectural Bureau, Benedetta Tagliabue – Miralles Tagliabue EMBT,  agree on that the selection has been really difficult because there are a lot of interesting proposals.

There have been 204 submitted projects.


1st Prize.- Charles Enrique Infante Bonifaz EXPERIMENTAL PROCESSES FOR THE RECONFIGURATION OF THE URBAN TISSUE IN LIMA CITY – Universidad Ricardo Palma. Perú.

2nd Prize.- Adrian Ubeda Beltran CAN WE DESIGN HOUSING WITHOUT TYPOLOGIES – E.T.S Arquitectura de Madrid. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Spain.

3rd. Prize.- Jean-Marc Stadelmann and David Jenny FOREST OF WALLS – ETH Zurich. Switzerland.


– Ludovico Luciani,  Caterina Mari Contemporary Landfalls – University of Camerino, School of Architecture and Design. Italy. – Diego Blasco Estructura viral – Universidad Europea de Madrid. Spain. – Thomas Savage In Praise Of Nests & Other Things – Northumbria University. UK. – Carlos Ramos Tenorio Dotacion energetica y apilamiento de atmosferas artificiales en Chelsea – E.T.S Arquitectura de Madrid. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Spain. – Alan Lau Floating Cities – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Australia. – Giacomo Calisti, Giulia Domeniconi, Giovanni Maria Laguzzi KAR – The Unconventional City – Facoltà di Architettura Ferrara. Italy. – Ana Olalla Melián On the wetland – Universidad San Pablo CEU. Spain. – Nhan Bui Public Arcade_a pilgrimage to San Miniato – Syracuse University. USA. – Adrián Úbeda Beltrán Rethorical spaces forms of technical production – E.T.S Arquitectura de Madrid. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Spain. – Isabel Sánchez Del Campo Vertical Marketin Casablanca – E.T.S Arquitectura de Madrid. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Spain.

30 Finalists.

The evaluation system has been provided with the amount of 80% by the technic jury and 20% by general public votation. The IS ARCH Team understands the Architecture like a tool on the social service and in that way everybody should be able to speak about it.

The maximum puntuation with 20 points was given to the project that got the bigger amount of votes on our website and 0 points to the one that did not get none, therefore the remaining projects’ points have been defined between this interval proportionally. In the same way the 80 points from jury members have been calculated.

FIRST PRIZE. Experimental processes for the reconfiguration of the urban tissue in lima city, Charles Enrique Infante Bonifaz.
Arch2O_isarch_2nd_03_1280-w2800-h2800SECOND PRIZE. Can we design housing without typologies?, Adrian Ubeda Beltran.
THIRD PRIZE. Forest of Walls, Jean-Marc Stadelmann, David Jenny.
HONOURABLE MENTION. Contemporary Landfalls, Ludovico Luciani, Caterina Mari.
HONOURABLE MENTION. Dotación energética y apilamiento de atmósferas artificiales en Chelsea, NYC, Carlos Ramos Tenorio.
HONOURABLE MENTION. Floating Cities, Alan Lau.
HONOURABLE MENTION. In Praise Of Nests & Other Things, thomas savage.
HONOURABLE MENTION. KAR – The Unconventional City, Giacomo Calisti, Giulia Domeniconi, Giovanni Maria Laguzzi.
HONOURABLE MENTION. On the wetland, Ana Olalla Melián.
HONOURABLE MENTION. Public Arcade: a pilgrimage to San Miniato, Nhan Bui.
HONOURABLE MENTION. Rhetorical spaces, forms of technical production, Adrián Úbeda Beltrán.
HONOURABLE MENTION. Vertical Market in Casablanca, Isabel Sánchez del Campo.
HONOURABLE MENTION. Estructura viral, Diego Blasco.

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