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Expressing musical artwork in a visual abstract project could be observed as an inference on the director’s artistic character. Especially if it doesn’t include a narrated material. I believe that music videos which tries to express music as a visual artwork reflects more than its director skills, it reflects his generated feelings of listening to this musical artwork, which is the main motive of his artistic approach. A feeling that may differ from someone to another.

Courtesy of Erik Wernquist and Edmond Huszar

Courtesy of Erik Wernquist and Edmond Huszar

What we have here is a piece of musical artwork that doesn’t have a conventional narrative, with a 3D graphics artist trying to emphasize the story of the song through visual language in an occult way. Erik Wernquist (who had previously directed the Jamie xx’s “Gosh” music video) Was approached by Overwerk (a.k.a. Edmond Huszar) to collaborate with him. In order to produce a piece of ambiguous art trying to tickle observer’s imagination. Wernquist who’s inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s legendary film techniques, leaded his virtual camera to orbit the surface of his maze-like cubic world. A world full with spatial maze passages created by the indiscriminate distribution of cubical forms. With glowing cubes that sync with the musical beats.

Courtesy of Erik Wernquist and Edmond Huszar

Courtesy of Erik Wernquist and Edmond Huszar

‘Winter’ is more of a mood, a vibe, that will resonate with everyone differently. I prefer art that is more ambiguous, because it leaves more room for the observer’s imagination. — Huszar stated

Huszar, who found his goal in Wernquist’s previous works, shared the same vision of his music with Wernquist. Although that Wernquist’s previous works may be seems repetitive in the monochromatic colors and lighting, that didn’t prevents him Huszar from approaching him for this job. Conversely, they shared many of the same influences and interests.

Art doesn’t exist in a vacuum, perception is inherently subjective and the art itself is always combined with thoughts and experiences of the perceive. — Huszar stated

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