Choosing suitable colors for your architectural elevations, interior spaces, furniture, hardscape, or even your presentation boards and posters can be a bit of an overwhelming task, with the wide variety of available options. However, there are some basics you need to learn about in order to select the right color scheme for your work. You need to be aware of Color Theory, such as what are the primary and secondary colors, what is the color wheel? and what does a monochromatic scale do? You will also need to have a background in the psychology of colors, like what colors induce relaxation and calmness, what colors raise focus levels, and what colors promote hyperactivity. Combining your knowledge in both departments will make it easier for you to formulate appropriate and pleasant color schemes.

First, check this infographic by PicMonkey which briefly illustrates Color Theory, to get an idea of how colors work together.

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Then, check this one by Ken Golden Design which gives an idea of what different colors indicate and the kind of emotions they could transmit to the viewer.

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Do you have a hint of a background now, on how to choose colors for your designs? So, here are five websites which can help you compose your color schemes, along with your basic knowledge. The ready-made color schemes on these websites can be a rich source of inspiration for you. Just pick the main color based on your knowledge of color psychology, then check out the various color schemes that include it and discover all the color options which can go with it.

1.Design Seeds

This website was created by a designer who loves colors to be a source of inspiration. It contains a wide variety of eye-pleasing color palettes which the designer extracts from “unexpected captures”.

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2.Color Balance

Here is another website created to inspire by a designer. Similarly, it contains a rich gallery of color palettes categorized based on type and relation between colors, like for example warm, cold, or contrasting.


Coolors is an instant color scheme generator. It shows a new random color scheme every time it is opened. You can lock one of the colors and the app will generate endless schemes which include that color. You can view all shades of the previewed schemes, as well as how it would look to the color blind. Moreover, you can upload your own photos and it will form a palette from its colors.

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4.Color Snap

“Snap it” is a free downloadable Google Chrome extension, by Sherwin-Williams, which turns any picture you find on the internet into a color scheme. It is quite easy and fast to use.

Photography: Fernando Guerra


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