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When one thinks of the design appearance of the Volkswagen car, then a very particular 1950’s Beetle car would immediately come to one’s mind. Yet, in 2013 Volkswagen presents us with a promising Object of the Future, which is happening now. VW in Geneva is proud to announce the name of their brand new automobile – to your attention please – the Supercar XL1!

Arch2o-Volkswagen's XL1 - Volkswagen (2)

Courtesy of Volkswagen

An established hallmark of this new supercar is that it is the world’s most fuel-efficient vehicle. With a distinctive swooping design, it is expected to have only a limited number – 250 examples, built due to the fact that the production will be based on a handcrafting manufacturing processes. Another hallmark is that it is lightweight and thus embodies the inspiration and thought for designing a unique sportscar that can generate great speed and thus, bring out a good performance.

Arch2o-Volkswagen's XL1 - Volkswagen (5)

Courtesy of Volkswagen

The XL1 is a 47-horsepower vehicle with 2-cylinder diesel engine. The structure of the car carbon-fibre bodied. The design appearance is sleek, elegant and is a futuristic perspective of the original 1950 Beetle car, yet this time the design team behind the car’s outcome have implied that the vehicle’s silhouette resembles the profile of a shark. The aggressiveness of the visual communication is complimented by some further specifications such as a 27 hp electric motor because of which the XL1 can accelerate at speed V = 0 to V = 62 mph within a 12.7 seconds time span and can reach a maximum speed V = 100 mph.

Arch2o-Volkswagen's XL1 - Volkswagen (8)

Courtesy of Volkswagen

Volkswagen are henceforth optimistic about being able to build a hyper-economy car and thus – bring the concept to reality. Since it has an electric motor, the reality aspect is that soon its battery gets exhausted, the driver would need a power socket to recharge/refresh and the compromise is in its outcome: fuel-efficient and with a sustainable approach.

Arch2o-Volkswagen's XL1 - Volkswagen (4)

Courtesy of Volkswagen

There are 3 performance modes the XL1 can operate in. Mode 1 is the Full Electric Operation where pressing the button on the dashboard starts up the engine and the car runs electrically until the battery is exhausted. For more power, there is an option to push the accelerator to the floor. Mode 2 is the Regular Drive mode where XL1 cruises at motorway speed and coasts along its narrow tires and low resistance bearings. Mode 3 is the Sport Mode – here, more bias to the diesel is at present and provides engine breaking.

By  Yoana Chepisheva

Courtesy of Volkswagen

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