VERTICAL VARIABLESV1.0 will focus on the applications of parametric modeling in the form of towers and skyscrapers. The participants will be guided towards developing skills on computational design and parametric strategies which will lead to form finding and optimization through various parameters. Building morphology will be driven from local site conditions and to social behaviors. The computational approach enables designers and architects to overcome the imposition of a prefixed form in order to enhance performance-driven designs. Lectures on current mainstream fabrication prototyping, will be integrated into the workshop, divided into three main parts. The workshop aims to provide participants with the new paradigm of architecture, urban parametric design process.

Through parametric algorithms, participants will discover the benefits of variable connected systems to create mass customized duplicate processes by way of building element relationships.

In collaboration with 90 Degrees Studio: Studio:


The process will go through:

Introduction to parametric design and modeling, software introduction of Rhino and Grasshopper plug-in, developing of technical skills for using analytical data – environmental and social patterns – to inform design strategies in form generation

Form behavior analysis and form finding design strategies, defining local parameters and conditions and their interaction with the design, aiming optimum performances and elegance.

Participants will be divided into groups, preparing their own projects. All of them will be presented on a final presentation by the groups, physical model fabrication is also included.


  • Introduction to Rhino ,Grasshopper and variable b
  • Introduction to Galapagos, Kangaroo, Paneling Tools and additional plug
  • Fabrication tools
  • KeyShot renderings

For more information and applications:


One of our participants will be served with a scholarship

After registration, please send your portfolio /3 pages A4, .pdf/ and your CV to [email protected].


Radul Shiskov

Associate @ DesignMorphine

Associate @ Architecture Construction Association

PhD Student @ UACEG

MArch Interior Design UACEG

Rasha M. AlShami

Founding Partner & Creative Director

@ 90 Degrees Design Studio – www.90degrees



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