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Cagliari is the capital of the island of Sardinia, a region of . It is an ancient city, with a long history, located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s also an important regional cultural, , political and artistic centre, known for its diverse Art Nouveau architecture and several monuments.

The “Giardini Pubblici” gardens are located in the border zone between two historic districts, “Villanova” (new town) and “Castello” (castle), below the “Belvedere” panoramic , overlooking the south-east side of the city and offering an amazing view. It’s hard to place a inside this area, without a careful analysis. To design a in this place means that there will be a strong relation between other buildings as the “Belvedere Palace”, with a non conventional shape, visible from every point of the city, and the art gallery of the gardens. Also lies within a public green area of the city, scenic and almost inviolable.

The gardens become the bases of the tower itself, creating a path which is a connection between the city (Villanova district) and the castle (Castello district). The tower takes the role of a vertical connection, joining to the Belvedere Palace. For these reasons, the casing of the tower, originally regular in shape, is streamlined by transverse cuts and slanted roofs that create lights and shadows. Much of the tower is used as offices, while the “Belvedere” building remains as  use. An entire level is dedicated to the restaurant and the top floor is designed as a relax area. The levels 0 and 7 [target levels] are areas.

The casing, as said, is streamlined by transverse cuts and oblique roofs. Facades are marked by different dimension openings, that give a strong sense of verticality to the building. Sometimes these windows stretch out of the building to give visitors new stunning views.
Some windows revolve around the corners, turning into bridges that connects the new tower with the existing building.


The tower includes 16 floors, with most of the space dedicated for office use. Two fully public floors of reception (ground floor and seventh floor) have a multifunctional use. An entire floor houses a restaurant, directly connected to a rooftop terrace on the existing residential building. The top floor is used as a relax area with double height spaces that overlook the entire city.

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