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Underwater Eco Village

Humans have always been inquisitive about adventures in life. We have lived on trees, in caves, in concrete jungles but we have passed that age. Now we are talking about life apart from our planet such as a house on Mars and vacation on Moon. So talking about ‘Life in a Sea’  isn’t so surprising at this stage.

We have come across many underwater structures and many proposals, the idea of a vacation underwater is fascinating but Vincent Callebaut dares to dream bigger, as with his ambitious eco village, people would be soon be called as aquanauts – people who live in the sea.  It seems that we are through with living on land even living on sea in form of artificial islands, it’s time to take the dive.

Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architects.

Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architects.

Where generally architects explain details and inspiration of their respective projects, Vincent Callebaut tells us a story, the story of future that clearly explains the thought process and also his vivid imagination. It tells us about what happened, how it is going to be, it even tells the minute details of everyday living, from food to travel to a creation of a new currency.

The architect aspires to use the years of dumped waste in sea as recycled material for the construction of the Oceanscrapers, thus resulting the Skyscrapers – Oceanscrapers. The structures will be as deep as the sea bottom and depicted as inspired from a Jellyfish with a floating dome of 500 meters in diameter. The double shell structure tackles all kind of pressures from natural occurrences such as storm & earthquakes. Also, the design is thought around to reduce the feeling of sea sickness by incorporated twisted towers in the design.

The architect has not just thought about a sea structure but a Life in sea and this how exactly it should be, as being an architect  doesn’t imply just designing a structure but giving birth to a way of living. Vincent Callebaut explains by starting with the land shortage, even mentioning the escape to Mars and by the end justifies all aspects for the ‘Underwater Eco Village’. Maybe, many find it an absurd thought of why to live in sea but wasn’t the thought of earth being round was also perceived absurd in the beginning. So, have you ever thought about sharing the sea with new neighbours from the underwater?

The entire details of the project can be found at The architect’s letter to ‘People of Land’  

by : Sanjana Malhotra.

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