Feast your eyes. Take a moment to be struck with awe in reverence to these unbelievable works of graffiti by the Italian graffitist, painter and sculptor Peeta (aka Manuel Di Rita). Unbelievable is a word which describes the works in multiple uses of the word. They are fantastic and executed with extreme skill, but their use of exemplary three-dimensional technique, utilizing shadow, gradation and understanding of topographical movement, makes them believable while being literally unbelievable.

Arch2o-Unbelievable Graffiti-peeta (9)

Courtesy of Peeta

The artist works and lives in Venice, where his works have been appearing in public places as well in the form of canvas paintings and sculpture since 2000.

Arch2o-Unbelievable Graffiti-peeta (7)

Courtesy of Peeta

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