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I’m pretty sure most of 3D artists will love this !  if you got bored of your regular smart phone apps, a British YouTuber and and tech reviewer Mrwhosetheboss has uploaded an instructional video on how to turn any smartphone into a 3D holograms projector ! All what you need is a CD case, an x-acto knife, graph paper, tape, and a pen—then just follow these steps:

Use tape to fasten the newly-cut plastic pieces together. The resulting contraption must then be placed on top of your phone display, and if your phone happens to be playing a hologram-specific video, such as this one, elements from the video will appear as 360-degree holograms within your contraption. It’s amazing.

The videos that make use of this device play the same video from four directions, it is essentially a budget version of Holho,  and when these are reflected in the panes of your new device, it looks like a floating 3D hologram! In fact, this illusion is not a real 3D hologram ! As the real hologram technique requires the use of split laser beams. However, it still uses 2D images/videos to create a stunning visual effect.

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