This hourglass shaped footbridge is the proposal by DWAWU Architects from Poznan, Poland for the Amsterdam Iconic Pedestrian Bridge Competition. Titled ‘Turbine Bridge,’ it is precisely that. The exterior skin of the bridge, through which two crossing paths flow, is a turbine that harnesses the power of the river. In fact this power is more than enough for the needs of the bridge, enabling it to accumulate power for additional needs.

© DWAWU Architects

Back to the hourglass shape. The kink in the middle is an intelligent if a white knuckle way of allowing boats passage under the bridge. Within the hourglass turbine, the idea was to create a multi-functional and functional space on the Amstel River-. Two walkways formed in the essence of boat hulls pass by, over and under each other. The main level acts as public space with a pedestrian and bicycle path. Occupying the inverse spaces are a cafe, bicycle repair shop, administration office, leisure terraces and playground.

© DWAWU Architects

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