Schiavello Architects shared with us their project of  “Tropea Amphiteaters Center” , the aim of the project is to build a new downtown amphitheater and spaces for shopping will become the symbol for large and small cultural events and concerts in the city of Tropea, where the new center will be a very important 2-axis of the lower part of the country converge: the axis of the promenade where people can safely walk and reach the main road where the visitor can reach easily by car and stay through the establishment of a new parking lot near the center.

The new center will be presented to the town of Tropea as a cultural, tourism and future point of convergence for large events using the background as the scene of course the wonderful sea that sets it apart from many other places in the province of Vibo Valentia.Localizzazione Center Amphitheater: The Center Amphitheatre is located at a point lower than the rest of the country, and all rooms have settled in the center of a wonderful panoramic view towards the sea. The center caters to amphitheaters coast offering its beautiful surroundings. This position is ideal because the center is at the end of the promenade and then all the people come together in this center so its location is ideal for planning a new project. The amphitheater is located along the center axis of the port-island-new center island amphitheatres, thanks to its location will become the third most important center of attraction of the coast.

Courtesy of Schiavello Architects Office

The location of the Centre amphitheatres, bordering the coast, provides the perfect conclusion of the walk of the urban waterfront. This, through the district tourist accommodation in continuity with the urban axis current is collected on various squares. This system of plazas and amphitheaters is a great place for the conduct of outdoor activities for a variety of events and performances. This architectural approach is to secure the best connection between the new downtown amphitheater, the island and the harbor.

Architectural concept and distribution The amphitheater is a set of squares and chairs that are made at different levels articulated around a large open space and a partially covered the area for related services. The idea behind the project is to make this space can be more permeable to the flow of the promenade so that people can be in a dynamic space and at the same time relaxing at any point where you are you can look at the the sea. The plan wants to share the road with a space to be able to adapt to changing conditions of use between day and evening.

Location: Tropea, Italy
Architect: Schiavello Architects Office
Client: City of Tropea
Area: 5.000 sqm – Square , Amphitheaters , shopping , Parking
Year: 2012
Design Team: Francesco Schiavello, Junseung Woo, Yeol Park
Courtesy of Schiavello Architects Office
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