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It is a concept emerged as an interrogation to the current urban mobility nexus with a critical forethought of upcoming conveyance models. This objective is inspired from our site ‘’Nus de la Trinitat’’, Barcelona, which is a layered overlap of ring roads. Though, it connects at intercity level, it declines the space quality in terms dwelling environment and economy of land to name a few.


© Trans[x]ponential Team

 We propose a system that liberates urbanism from the cycle of rapid growth of infrastructure as a function of increasing program. The unit of mobility, Car, is no-more adhered to road networks but is an autonomous aerial vehicle. It has sensor enabled, data interactive body driven by binary and solar power. Activation of the skycars would revolutionize the city.


© Trans[x]ponential Team

Arch2O-trans[x]ponential-004© Trans[x]ponential Team

There shall be technology shift at building, traffic and user level.

-the buildings shall mutate to allow and accommodate the skycar.
-the traffic management shall be real time.
-the user can ring a car for its service at its doorstep.


© Trans[x]ponential Team

This comprehensive system shall metamorphose the gridlock of Cerda to a random codedness. Also, the built spaces shall be redefined as the skycar shall become an integral body of the whole volumetric structure. The volume shall diminish with the absence of activity and user. The focus is to reformulate the whole city by mutating a unit. The mutation of car into skycar deploys more green spaces and better habitation.


© Trans[x]ponential Team


© Trans[x]ponential Team

Project Credits:

Project Name: Trans[x]ponential

Team members: Boney Keriwala, Aditya Kadabi, Shweta Das

School Name: IAAC: Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona

Advisor: Hernan Diaz Alonso, Pablo Ross, Willy Müller, Maite Bravo, Jose Carlos Lopez Cervantes.

Assistant: Jordi Vivaldi Piera.

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