The European project ATRIUM – Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the XX Century in Urban Management – focuses on the architectural heritage of the different totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century in Europe, to create a European Cultural Route. However, there are many buildings of great historical value which lie neglected all over Europe.
Spazi Indecisi, the Municipality of Forlì, lead partner of the ATRIUM project, and the Province of Forlì-Cesena promote TOTALLY LOST, a photographic/video research throughout Europe to discover, survey and photograph the architectural heritage of European totalitarian regimes: properties lying abandoned or which may have been renovated for a new function.
The contest is implemented under the European Project “Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the XX Century in Urban Management – ATRIUM” funded by the South-Est Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme.
Find and photograph or shoot a video of the abandoned or renovated architectural heritage throughout the 11 partner countries of the ATRIUM project (Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Serbia and Greece): monuments, municipal buildings, political or propaganda places, private buildings, ecc.

Your work could be part of the TOTALLY LOST exhibition which will be put on in Forlì by Spazi Indecisi inside a totalitarian building in June 2013, and subsequently in other European cities participating in the ATRIUM project.
The pictures and videos will be published in the exhibition catalogue, which will be distributed to all the photographers and video makers selected.for more info click here .Also click  here for poster