Tivoli Concert Hall

Tivoli is a renowned theme park comprised with leisure gardens located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been opened in 1843 by its Danish founder Georg Carstensen. Tivoli is the second oldest theme park, right after the “The Deep Park Hill”, also located in Denmark. It is also the second most popular seasonal theme park in the world with just over 4 million visitors in 2013 alone. George Carstensen stated in 1844, “Tivoli will never, so to speak, be finished.” This theme park and the statement of its founder inspired Walt Disney in creating the prominent Disneyland. The spirit of its owner drives the development and renovation of the theme park and its gardens over the years. One of the many developments to come was the restoration of the concert hall to its former glory. For this, the management and administration of Tivoli have set up an international design competition.
Courtesy of 3XN - Photography: Adam Mørk

Courtesy of 3XN – Photography: Adam Mørk

The project was won by the famous Danish architectural practice 3XN. The firm’s proposal was chosen for its unique architectural skin, the relationship with its surroundings and the connection with the history of the theme park and its buildings through time. The focal point of this project is a circular three-story pavilion that serves as the new main entrance to the Concert Hall attached adjacent to it. The circular hub contains a lounge area, bar and outdoor café. The original Tivoli Concert Hall was built in the year 1956 and at the time it was the largest and most modern concert hall in the Nordic countries. The restoration was overhauling from the interior acoustics and seating to the exterior skin and orchestra facilities, but the architects managed to keep-up with the evolving Tivoli spirit.
Courtesy of 3XN - Photography: Adam Mørk

Courtesy of 3XN – Photography: Adam Mørk

The new circular addition to the Tivoli grounds has gently modernised and improved the cultural aspect of the theme park, and this is due to 3XN’s exceptional design. One of the main reason this design proposal has been chosen was its exterior skin. The circular foyer is light and transparent and it is made up of twisted aluminium strings that join together in forming a playful visual elements for the park that almost feel like it is one of the park’s rides. These strings create a magnificent play of light by reflecting natural light from the sun, but especially by reflecting Tivoli’s colourful lights that illuminate all the rides and attractions during the night. This emphasises the presence of the circular pavilion and makes it stand out as an icon and symbol for the new generation of the Tivoli park and its  modernised side.
Courtesy of 3XN - Photography: Adam Mørk

Courtesy of 3XN – Photography: Adam Mørk

Furthermore, the circular foyer stands as the main entrance to the Concert Hall and it is very successful at doing this. It is extremely inviting and friendly to the public, by guiding them through the new lobby, wardrobe and access area, the so-called Rainbow Hall. All of these new additions are adjoined by a spectacular 30-meter-long aquarium. This is so creative and spectacular that it soon became one of the main attractions of the newly developed sector of Tivoli, rather than originally designed to be a decorative element.
Courtesy of 3XN - Photography: Adam Mørk

Courtesy of 3XN – Photography: Adam Mørk

On the cultural complex, there was another addition that is now holding facilities for the Tivoli Symphonic Orchestra and the guest musicians of the Concert Hall, such as rehearsal and conference rooms. This new addition have replaced the former “Winter Entrance” which has asked for the demolition of the glorious arched entrance. This new design is extremely successful in my opinion, as it holds the elements that represent the strong Tivoli spirit and hold the type of flexibility that allows for it to flourish and develop further in the future. Yes, Tivoli will never be finished, but every stage of it looks and will look splendid. I strongly suggest a visit to Tivoli for everyone of all ages.

Architects: 3XN
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Architects: 3XN / Kim Herforth Nielsen, Bo Boje Larsen, Kim Christiansen
Engineering: Arup, BIrch & Krogboe
Contractor: NCC (partnering process)
Year Of Design: 2004
Area: 4000.0 sqm
Project Year :2005

By: Andreas Leonidou
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