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ThyssenKrupp Introduces Rope-Free Elevators That Move in both Horizontal and Vertical Directions

In 2014, steel producer and elevator manufacturer ThyssenKrupp AG introduced a new horizontal/vertical elevator system that works without ropes. The new elevator system is called MULTI, and it employs linear motor technology to move multiple cabins in one shaft, both vertically and horizontally. “Buildings are becoming like vertical cities, and they need a flexible transport system similar to a metro. Speed alone does not solve the challenges posed by tall buildings,” said Markus Jetter, Head of Research, ThyssenKrupp Elevator.

The MULTI elevator system operates on a secure multi-level brake system, with the aid of wireless data for energy monitoring. It combines multiple cabins in fewer shafts, and so it reduces the footprint of the elevators by 50% while increasing their capacity by the same amount. This contributes to the reduction of the entire building’s footprint and total energy consumption, as well as increase the building’s usable area by up to 25%.

Courtesy of ThyssenKrupp

The system, also, reduces the passengers’ waiting time to 15-30 seconds, not only by improving the speed of the elevator but also by providing multiple cabins per shaft. New lightweight carbon composites were used to manufacture the MULTI elevators, reducing their overall weight by 50% which made it possible to give up the ropes and counterweights normally used for elevators. The absence of these ropes makes the elevators capable of movement in both horizontal and vertical direction which eliminates the design restrictions imposed by the conventional elevator system’s vertical alignment.

Rendering of a proposed test tower in rottweil, germany

After ThyssenKrupp had successfully tested the new revolutionary elevator model in their tower in Rottweil, they got their first client. OVG Real Estate declared that they will be installing the new MULTI elevator in their new East Side Tower in Berlin. “We are absolutely delighted to partner with ThyssenKrupp and to have the very first MULTI installed in our latest project. The forward-thinking, new technology that MULTI brings to our flagship project is a perfect fit for us,” said Coen van Oostrom, CEO of OVG Real Estate. The East Side tower is located beside the Mercedes-Benz Arena, and it is set to become a landmark for the German capital city.

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