“Think Different” is not just an advertising slogan of Apple, but it is also a slogan of a very interesting and inspiring work shop by the students of college of fine arts, Alexandria – Egypt. The main objective of the workshop is to boost the students’ creativity and  unleash their imagination by discovering new possibilities for the objects they are using in their daily life. The project formalizes the transformation of stools from detached useable objects into structural and spatial components of an ambiguously occupied edifice.

The workshop created an installation/ shade located in the court yard of the school and utilized 60 simple stools from students’ studios, arrayed and stacked in a curvy surface, the structure was built by starting two arcs then left them towards the middle, the stools were essentially connected to each other via simple ropes and clamps that were clear from view. Then the whole structure was covered using a plastic cover so it can be used as a shade. Did I mention how many trails did the students take to reach the case of stability ? It were two trials and then they added a new arc later !

Project: Installation – Summer Workshop 2012

Instructor: Hatem El-Tawil

Architecture Department – College of Fine Arts – Alexandria- Egypt.


Courtesy of  Hatem El-Tawil


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