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‘This is a tool for gather up the nature voice.
The Japanese primitive people recognized the as voice of heaven. The people worshiped the as sacrament and listened carefully the voice. The people thought that the has personality.
‘The Voice of Winds’ is formed by a number of pipes in the shape of a tree branch. Dispersed tree branches look like bones of animate beings.
The material is earthenware.
When the winds run through in the pipes, the voice of nature break through. The voice is distinct from place.
This tool has not concrete practical utility for daily life. But we can wake up to the daily microscopic things around us if we use this. It is important to become conscious of the unconscious.
This tool is designed to communicate with nature and to get back the primitive conception of nature.
This work was exhibited as in the form of with a at the Post Design Gallery (MEMPHIS) in . The sound for the installation was picked and made by the designer himself.’ Kazunori Matsumura

Courtesy of Kazunori Matsumura

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