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Some things just utterly amaze me. This project, is so clearly contemporary- old arches don’t have those cut-outs. Yet, it feels as if it is something I’ve looked at for thousands of years.

© The Room

‘The Rooftop Garden’ designed by The White Room, is an oasis high above the concrete jungle that is the Bandra neighborhood of . With 1500 ft² of rooftop space, it is the perfect place for rest and respite from the hectic cityscape, where it is possible to sit and watch the sun below the horizon over the Arabian Sea.

© The White Room

The arches mentioned above form a canopy which stretches the length of the . It rises from the floor and fluidly becomes the roof for a covered space, providing shade and . And amongst all of this, is an abundance of plant life. Palms, Lantanas, wild grasses and a stretch of tame lawn grass which lies over the canopy, create a natural, ideal setting.

By:Matt Davis

© The White Room

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