The Robot as an Architectural Element of Today

This project is about the speculation on applied robotics in architecture. The robots are fully integrated building parts which behave like animated characters and change the topology and gestalt of the architecture over time.


Courtesy Of Benjamin Ennemoser

These processes are linked to our digital environment and should live up to the habits in popular culture and society. In the Scenario of the Dinosaur Extension at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, this speculation was applied.


Courtesy Of Benjamin Ennemoser

The spatial robots negotiate with architectural elements, like the void, window, entrance, column, ramp and envelope, due to their responsive protocols and react in real time to the behavior of the visitor. On the basis of a participatory turn, the articulation and spatial scenarios are manipulated by the collective attendance of the visitors. The Crowd becomes the driving regime of the spatial manifestation.


Courtesy Of Benjamin Ennemoser

Besides the exhibition area, the Extension includes several research facilities, where prototypes and plug-ins for the spatial robots are produced. Overall, there are four different robots, which differ in their size, rhythm and movement based on their function and location in the architectural composition.

Link Of  Animation From Here


Courtesy Of Benjamin Ennemoser

Project Credits
Project Name: MM – The Robot as an Architectural Element of Today
Name: Benjamin Ennemoser
School: University of Innsbruck / Austria
Supervisor: Arch Dipl Ing MArch PhD (UCL) Michael Wihart

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