The Primo table, which represents the latest design from Simplexio, is a manifesto for the importance of mass customization in today’s design. Through the use of flexible computer-aided manufacturing systems to produce custom output, Simplexio aims to demonstrate the easiness in which we can alter one basic design.

Courtesy of Simplexio

Courtesy of Simplexio

The geometry of the table is determined by a Voronoi algorithm, variously altered in order to create an original piece each time it is used, while maintaining an unitary aesthetic approach. Switched parameters create a piece of furniture that adapts to any type of scenario and user, being the result of factor optimization, while the modules are created to be aesthetically pleasant and functional when utilized both separately and together.

Arch2O - Simplexio - 02

Courtesy of Simplexio

The designer blends the properties of metal and glass with origami folding techniques, his creations representing the quintessence of what parametric design has created: the power of personalizing each item from a series, in a fast and simple manner, by using algorithm based digital tools.

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