The Kikuchi Pocket Park | Takao Shiotsuka

The Kikuchi Pocket Park  | Takao Shiotsuka

One of the most entertaining things is reading descriptions of projects and then looking at project images. You read exciting  phrases such as; “a new type of square where the public is encouraged to experience the city in a totally different way” and “People experience a new activity they never got in the previous town.” But then when we look at the images we see no trace of people or their presence and interaction with the design. Nonetheless, this project, comprised of three different park spaces, is meant to engage people and provide them with new spaces to enjoy and gather in. In site A, people walk around three basins, while in site B, they walk along pipe lines. Site C is centered around a tree-like object.

Courtesy of  Takao Shiotsuka

Site A–Kiriake
It is a water park using agricultural water way. The motif of three basins is scenery of the puddles where water collected naturally in the ground which became hollow. Pavement where white stone is spread. Public lavatory, bench, and shelter suggest stone and rock. These are like the relation between white sand and the stone of a Japanese rock garden. It is appearance of primitive scenery.

Courtesy of  Takao Shiotsuka

Site B –Yokomachi
This site is a corner plot of the intersection. The theme of this park is a flow and an exchange of the person. ‘Bank’ that bends the pipe and piles it up forms a foot bath, a public lavatory, and the bench, etc. These become a person’s movement and guide of the activity. And, It pictures the design such as the whirlpool in the whole site.

Courtesy of  Takao Shiotsuka

Site C–Kamimachi
(Pending state)
This park is in the history preservation district. The site is a front yard in the Shinto shrine. The equipment needed here is a plaza for the dedication ceremony (sumo wrestling), and, ablution hand-washing and foot bath. Additionally, the object that shows the stele of the place is set up. It will look also like ‘Sacred tree’ that is within the enclosure of the Shinto shrine. As a result, harmony with the spectacle in the district is invented and the characteristic of this place is clarified.

Text by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier
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