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Adelaide has a hot Mediterranean climate, rainy wet winters and hot, dry summers. In the summer, the average maximum is 29 °C, but there is considerable variation and Adelaide can usually expect around 3 days a year when the daytime temperature is 40 °C or above.

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Courtesy of  ZHE WEI

Through the analysis of the site, I discovered plenty outdoor sports shops at ground floor. These shops make me want to do some sports activity in my project in order to response the site. In addition, I also found that Adelaide has a hot Mediterranean climate, rainy wet winters and hot, dry summers. The summer temperature reached 40 °C and above. Meanwhile, the closest ice skiing center in Melbourne and Sydney is 741 and 1410 Km from Adelaide. Thus, that is the reason why I want to have a sledding center here. Most importantly, in my opinion, the new building above the original building should has its own strong characteristics, not just think about how to integrate to the old building and surrounding environment.

Arch2o-ZHE WEI  (5)

Courtesy of  ZHE WEI

In order to response the function, I think the new building form should have some relationship with ice, when I saw the drawing by Caspar-david-friedrich, I think using the building form genesis can extract form iceberg crash.


To the city: The temperature of Adelaide is quite hot in summer.  Therefore, it is warm in winner and has never snowed so far. This project will provide a sledding center with artificial snow. For the city, it is really a new experience which had never happened before. Meanwhile, the combination of the stylish appearance and the concept of iceberg will make it the next landmark of Adelaide city.

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Courtesy of  ZHE WEI

To people: This project provides a snow center for Adelaide people, that means, people don’t need to fly to Mel or Sydney to get the feeling of snow. For the children, they will get a really interesting place to spend their leisure time with their parents. Moreover, the center also provides other different experiences for people, such as swimming, entertainment steps and ice skating.

Arch2o-ZHE WEI  (4)

Courtesy of  ZHE WEI

To site: snow sports are the main theme of this project, so there are some sports equipment shop on this site in to correspond with the idea. Using brick painting as material is another way corresponding to the site. Furthermore, the original roof will be used to be snowball fighting area in this project. The New building inserted into the original building will make a new connection between each of them.

Arch2o-ZHE WEI  (1)

Courtesy of  ZHE WEI

Project credits 

Project Name:ZHE WEI
Team: Individual work
School: Adelaide University, Australia
Adviser: Urs bette

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Courtesy of  ZHE WEI

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