Here’s another entry to the recent Taichung City Cultural Center competition in Taiwan . This submission was designed by Southern Californian firm Patrick Tighe Architecture, currently featured at MOCA’s exhibition A New Sculpturalism, Contemporary Architecture from Southern California.
The New Cultural landmark serves as an entryway into the Taichung Gateway District. The building possesses an iconic presence while at the same time being fully integrated into the landscape of the Taichung Gateway Park.
The Museum of Fine Arts is the Crowning Jewel of the Park. Located at the end of the major axis, the landscape rises to meet the iconic building. Large windows at the scale of the galleries give the building an identity and offer a glimpse into the facility. A Grand exhibition Hall runs the length of the building along the North / South axis.
The library is a 21st century state of the art learning center. The semi subterranean building has a strong connection to the landscape. The building is open and transparent at the street (Park Avenue) and is burrowed into the landscape at the South. Read more.

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