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Rolls-Royce 103EX ” VISION NEXT 100″

As part of BMW's 100th birthday celebration, the German luxury automaker has been unveiling a series of Rolls-Royce futuristic concept cars it calls its "Vision Next 100 Cars" cars. Two of those cars, a Rolls-R...
Bicycles in Stroget city (Copenhagen-Denmark) 
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What Makes A City Walkable or Unwalkable?

What is a Walkable City? Walking is the oldest and simplest form of human transportation. Nowadays, walking a few blocks or crossing a street seems inconvenience. Walkability is a new term to describe how frie...
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LEXUS Hoverboard ‘SLIDE’

LEXUS Hoverboard  “Impossible”, a word that has become almost meaningless with the way technology is advancing has once again being mocked by a recent video uploaded by Lexus, a renowned Japanese car company. ...