In Dallas the Nasher sculptural centre has been in a dispute over intense hot sports caused by the newly constructed Museum tower with its highly reflective skin.

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Courtesy of  REX/Front

To resolve this issue a team led by REX and Front was commissioned by the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Fund. They had the challenge of designing a solution to resolve this two yearlong dispute.

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Courtesy of  REX/Front

The team proposed a 400-foot sun responsive structure named Surya. This aimed in shielding Nasher from the constant glare that the Museum emits, while at the same instance acting as a landmark for the art District.

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Courtesy of  REX/Front

The structure blocks the glare received by the sculptural centre, but not by being a large mass in the way. It uses a tracking mechanism that opens and closes like an umbrella when needed, to prevent glare transmitting to the centre. This makes for a great solution, as the Museum’s view that’s restricted by Surya will only be so for the duration at which the glare is in that position.

By Shanaire Blythe

Courtesy of  REX/Front

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