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Marriage and white are two seemingly inseparable things in the west. I am myself however, not entirely sold on this colour. I’ll probably never find a wife after saying this, but it’s a bit like western bathrooms. We want them all white because it speaks to us of cleanliness and purity. But I counter this with the fact that white shows its dirtiness before any other colour. But all in all, white seems to be a resoundingly better nuptial colour than say, brown.

 It should be noted that the above is in no way me wishing that the below project was instead painted brown. No way. The Suite Nuptiale, built in 2011 in the Belgian villiage of Masnuy Saint Jean by mArchitecture, appears at points to be pure white light, made corporeal. It is a resoundingly simple suite in plan. Nothing more than a long, well proportioned room, it offers a simple take on the living experience, altered slightly to fit the honeymoon living experience.


Courtesy of mArchitecture

One approaches the suite from below, by way of a rustic staircase which stands in striking contrast to the pure white of the anticipated space above. Entering through a glass door in a glass wall at one end, one observes the section to be faintly reminiscent to the typical gabled-roof house. Light streams through a strip window in the lefthand gable and a window by the bed. Also light seems to bleed in through reveals occurring continuously about the room at waist height. These two strip sources of white light seem to act towards an isolation of the  upper body, the heart and mind, within the etherial glow of the room.


Courtesy of mArchitecture

The suite is broken into three zones. Starting with the most distant to the door, these are: sleeping, bathing, and making one’s self presentable. I find these three zones, when combined with the glass door to be a wonderfully humorous and perhaps voyeuristic statement on the honeymoon. It’s such a nice space, I’m sure the honeymoon sex would be equally wild and crazy. And then there is an epic shower smack dab in the middle to wash up. And then there is a place to get put back together and then there is the glass wall! Through which you see the entire bridal party looking on because they’ve wondered where the two of you popped off to in the middle of the reception!

Courtesy of mArchitecture

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