The city is a place involved in a continuous Transformation where man is the main creator and user. The city withstands continuous changes in its form, generating new and different landscapes.
STUDIO #04 – TRANSFORMATION – is set to investigate which were, are and will be the dynamics and the transformation processes of the cities.
Through their decisions, men repeatedly adapt space to their necessities, in a path of programmatic choices and transformations caused by uses and customs that are always different.
At the same time nature is also the lead of the urban metamorphosis process; in some cases it contributes to the “re-naturalization” of the abandoned territories; in other, it undermines the artificial order producing transformation opportunities.
The continuous transformation of the reality we experience inevitably condition the perception of those who use space, creating new unexpected necessities and will of change, which in turn will produce other transformation in the city in a continuous evolutionary process.

Which are the dynamics and the transformative processes? What will be the results? How long will the change take? Which cities for the future, which future for the cities?


All submissions via e-mail to: [email protected]
ABSTRACT: January 31st 2013
FINAL PIECE: February 28th 2013
PUBLICATION: April 1st 2012
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