The sticky bamboo sculpture created by a group of graduate students along with their instructor the artist, designer and researcher Hongtao Zhou is present at the Haigo and Irene Shen gallery in Hawaii’s university. The project was based on observing the relationship between the natural environments and man-made environments.


Courtesy of  Hongtao Zhou+graduate students

The students were asked to develop a concept for a space design that could reflect what they observed.. an installation that would reflect their culture and their surrounding environment.


Courtesy of  Hongtao Zhou+graduate students

The installation is made of reused bamboo poles and cardboard. The sculpture’s gesture was


Courtesy of  Hongtao Zhou+graduate students

looked at like a chameleon’s tongue. It was inspired from Hawaii’s natural environment. The sculpture develops a sense of surrealism in the space. When looked at ,you feel the tension and organic strength brought by that sticky stretched bamboo sticks crossing the hall attached to the walls. The installation adds a spatial quality to the place leaving a strong impact on it.

By Rehab Ayman

Courtesy of  Hongtao Zhou+graduate students

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