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Honorable mention – Next7 2015 Competition

An Airship-Building Complex-Reconstruction Center (SOLARIS) with Satellite support -Sky Farm –All Weather Control- Artificial Sun, Greening the Red Zone, will be one of the best option to start the reconstruction efforts after nuclear disasters.

Following a large U.S.-Russian nuclear war, enormous fires created by nuclear explosions in cities and industrial areas cause 150 million tons of smoke to be lofted high into the stratosphere. The smoke is quickly spread around the world and forms a dense smoke layer around both Hemispheres; the smoke will remain in the stratosphere for many years and act to block sunlight from reaching the surface of the Earth.

Based on these basic concepts, a scheme about SOLARIS has come out. To construct a complex as a huge refuge, like a self-operating machine serving all survival conditions. Its capabilities filter water and air, reallocate sunlight and transform solar energy for the center usage.

Summary of consequences: U.S.-Russian war producing 150 million tons of smoke:

  • 2600 U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear weapons on high-alert are launched (in 2 to 3 minutes) at targets in the U.S., Europe and Russia.
  • 150 million tons of smoke from nuclear fires rises above cloud level, into the stratosphere, where it quickly spreads around the world and forms a dense stratospheric cloud layer. The smoke will remain there for many years to block and absorb sunlight.
  • Growing seasons would be virtually eliminated for many years.
  • It would be impossible for many living things to survive the extreme rapidity and degree of changes in temperatures and precipitations, combined with drastic increases in UV light, massive radioactive fallout, and massive releases of toxins and industrial chemicals.
  • Unable to grow food, most humans would starve to death.
  • A mass extinction event would occur, similar to what happened 65 million years ago.


SOLARIS, an Airship-Building Complex-Reconstruction Center Sky Farm -All Weather Control- Artificial Sun, Greening the Red Zone, will be one of the best option to start the reconstructive efforts.

-Each “Solaris” will have the capacity to host 10,000 people, with the conditions necessary to sustain human life (and other carbon-based life forms). We could not have evolved into the kind of organism we are in other conditions.

We have the technology to create artificially some of these conditions if they were to be disrupted in nature:

  1. Water
  2. Temperature
  3. Atmosphere
  4. Food
  5. Plants.


The architects were inspired by the shape of the DNA, bronchus, alveoli, and resembling a lungs and created a metaphoric structure extending from that idea. The result is a technological tree of life with seven spatial levels that slide up and down the centric tree, with the entire structure containing various functions. The building will provide to the habitants:

  1. Appropriate temperature
  2. Oxygen
  3. Water
  4. Food
  5. Clothing
  6. Recreational space
  7. Save place to sleep

The design required minimal parcel and offers enough green spaces. Besides that vertical communications are integrated and it takes advantage of natural ventilation. The building is powered by controlled fusion energy  produced by the laser bean that the satellite direct to the airship situated along the vertical center of the tree and the heating system of the floating observation decks is powered by an electromagnetic field while the electricity is created by a new membrane technology. Other things that were considered in the concept design is the lighting of the underground spaces and museum through the use of a fiber optic system and being able to collect rain water in an underground tank where it could be purified and reused.


The people of the world want to end the danger of suicidal nuclear war, they want nuclear weapons to be abolished and banned. We can do this! But with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons still in existence, it will require detailed plans and global cooperation to reach this goal.



Note: Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Alan Phillips, whose work and support has made possible the creation of this work.

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