Smallroom for Offecct INEKE HANS

Versatility and a plethora of possibilities characterize mulit-seat. Smallroom, designed by INEKEHANS/ARNHEM and produced by Offecct is a… well it is very hard to it nail down to one thing that it is. It provides seating/ working/ lounging possibilities for 1,2, or 3 people. Units can be rearranged to configure and create space within the larger space they occupy. The high back  and side panels offer privacy without isolation and provide the possibility for what I can only describe as literally a ‘sitting room’. In addition to the options presented by the panels, the low arm can be outfitted to fulfill a range of unique functions. It can acts simply as an upholstered arm rest, or a computer/ writing platform (with electricity if desired!) or as a holder of magazines and papers, or even as a planter for flowers and other greenery! Truly and integrated and refreshingly playful piece of design.

Courtesy of Ineke Hans Studio

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