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Sanya Block 5 by NL Architects

Located in Sanya, China- the winning proposal for Sanya Block 5 by NL Architects is something which seeks to do something a little different with the typology of resort hotel.

Courtesy of NL Architects

Consisting of 4 hotels of 2 mirrored blocks each (one facing the street, one facing the surrounding landscape), the complex sits on a public deck, under which services and parking garage are concealed from view. Each block is composed of 15 double-height units each. These double-height are a flip on typical hotel spaces which are typically one story and ‘room-like’. The interior end of each unit houses sleeping and bathing spaces while relaxation activities are pulled to the exterior. In-between the two is a large double-height space which gives the unit an overall spacious ambiance.

An intimate yet spacious balcony, also double-height, forms the front of the duplex room, and acts as an outdoor living room. This space provides an open-air kitchen, space for eating and relaxing and a hot-tub with shower that is placed flush with the terrace.”

Courtesy of NL Architects

Fronting each of these balconies is a pyramidal ‘flowerpot’. These act together as a system to create a dynamic, rhythmic pattern on the facade. The greenery which can even extend to small trees, provides privacy, shading and cooling, and the possibility of a micro-ecology unique to every room.

Architect: NL Architects

Photography: NL Architects

Courtesy of NL Architects
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