Designed by Oliver Dibrova, Studio Mamem Domingo ETH-Zurich, RTV Headquarter is a building for TV and communications studios, situated at Zuriberg, in Zurich. Creating this futuristic project, Oliver Dibrova was inspired by the behavior of liquid crystals, their ability to change their conditions from solid to fluid depending on temperature, to mould soap films between their borders and to change their directions. Porosity is one of the qualities that characterize minimal surfaces.

Arch2O Studio Mamem Domingo-06

Courtesy of Oliver Dibrova

As an architectural design tool emerging qualities like visual and path porosity results in a highly differentiated space. Due to this porous effect RTV Headquarter is divided into different zones such as administrative part, TV studios, radio studios, recreation area, an open public zone, and office area. It seems a pretty good experiment!

Courtesy of Oliver Dibrova

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