This table by designer Robert van Embricqs, titled Rising Side Table is downright unique idea for a table. Wonderfully, almost stultifyingly simple, the form is generated from a series of cuts made into a single piece of wood. The cuts form a rough circle, reminiscent of Riemann sums, in the centre of the board- with a diametre of the width of the board.

Courtesy of Robert van Embricqs

A strategically placed pinning bolt runs laterally through the newly created legs, which are attached to the circle- now tabletop- with flexible straps. When the circle is lifted, gravity acts upon the legs which bend from the straps as well as rotate around the common pin. When the table is ‘fully’ lifted, when the legs are at rest with gravity, if it is set down, the legs form a sturdy, stable latticework that yet appears to be in mid-flux. Really great. Ingeneous.

Courtesy of Robert van Embricqs

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