The “resonant chamber” designed by the US and Canada based architecture and research firm RVTR is inspired from the strong dynamic folds of origami. The whole concept behind this project is to use rigid origami to create a unique acoustic atmosphere in a space.

Arch2o-Resonant Chamber RVTR (2)

Courtesy of RVTR

This is achieved by RVTR in collaboration with Arup Acoustics, by using materials that elicits different acoustic functions. The reflectivity comes from the solid bamboo inserts, the absorption from pointilated porous expanded polypropylene, and the electroacustic panels.

Arch2o-Resonant Chamber RVTR (7)

Courtesy of RVTR

What is so unique about this project is that both the sound and the shape can be altered dynamically. The layered pieces expose and hide their shape by adjusting their faces and altering sonic conditions.  A software called Vivo translates the model, and optimizes the displacement and positioning of the panels to makes the movement possible.

Arch2o-Resonant Chamber RVTR (3)

Courtesy of RVTR

The goal of the designers experimentation is ultimately “is to create an instrument at the scale of architecture, flexible enough that it might be capable of being played.”

By Ariela Lenetsky

Courtesy of RVTR

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