Residential buildings with the ability to float in Bushehr | Mohammad Sabeghi

This residential complex which was located in Bushehr has been designed with the study of similar cases in Netherlands and Japan.High technology of construction had played an important roll in the whole project. Fluids and aerodynamic forms of buildings make the ventilation more appropriate and efficient. Villas have the capability to levitate along vertical axis. this happens by 2 foundation that one of them is fixed and the other is ambulant.when water tides,these villas move along the vertical axis for about 1.5-2 meters.

© Mohammad Sabeghi

Special hydraulic jacks in round rails move the structure upwards. Interesting point is that, forms of buildings follow the lines of complex site. The spiral paths and authorized parking make the complex safety by making it difficult and bounded for vehicles to get in. this part of the site is used as a play ground for kids and a place for elderly and other residents. An administrative,commercial & residential complex is proposed as Bushehr commerical towers in the projectb which is presented as a 3Dmodel.Commerical towers include,an 8 floors tower and a 12 floors tower it is suggeted that the commerical area come under the residental part.”]


Residential buildings with the ability to float in Bushehr
A proposal design for Busher city in Iran, Persian gulf
Designer & Architect: Mohammad Sabeghi
3d and graphic: Mohammad Sabeghi
Apadana architectures group studio
Iran, Tehran

Courtesy of  Mohammad Sabeghi

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