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There has been a rise in the amount of waste being generated daily by each household all over the city; this project serves as an experimental prototype of an environmentally sustainable decentralized municipal solid waste management model in the city of Amman, Jordan.

The idea of the project evolved from the concept that man sprang from nature and should become whole again. Encouraging people to explore different methods of benefiting from trash, and educating people on different renewable energy resources; this project is dedicated to develop the community as well as the environment, also to raise people’s awareness about our mother nature, by providing hands-on upcycling workshop, urban farming, research and development facilities, organic market and a walk through tour in the material recovery facility.

Our vision was to alter community’s perspective towards an environmental, economic and social sustainable manners, creating self-responsible individuals that construct an environment friendly community, and raising awareness about renewable energy in general.

Courtesy of Balsam Ibrahim & Hakem Habahbeh & Odai Haddad

Courtesy of Balsam Ibrahim & Hakem Habahbeh & Odai Haddad

The site is located at the north-east of Amman, Jordan at the outskirts. On the highway connecting the capital with Al-Zarqa governorate, comprising a high density neighboring district. Our site is surrounded by three of the most populated districts in Amman; Marka, Basman & Tareq.

Design objectives was firstly to establish an environmentally sustainable decentralized municipal solid waste management model, to support local economy by providing a renewable energy resource and material recovery revenues, to foster environmentally behavior in users, by changing their mindset about trash and energy, to educate the public regarding the reuse of disposed materials and the renewable energy resources, also to establish a market that sells environmentally friendly products and introduce it as a social norm and a research center on the matters of renewable energy resources and it’s different aspects, and finally providing work opportunities for local community and a public outing for the local community and context.

Courtesy of Balsam Ibrahim & Hakem Habahbeh & Odai Haddad

Courtesy of Balsam Ibrahim & Hakem Habahbeh & Odai Haddad

Design theory evolved from following the installation of our three dimensional set of activities which facilitate our vision, we aimed at creating a new architype within the typical rectilinear spaces that house our activities and defines our local built environment and urban fabric aiming at demonstrating that this typical space has the ability to house activities in a sustainable manner as same spatial form can have different qualities and establishing an iconic domestic/industrial image within the aggregation of this typical Jordanian spatial and urban form in the context of Ain Ghazal on a micro scale and in Jordan on a macro scale  to tempt and magnetize local and foreign community into exploring what is occurring within this new archi-type as the human being is usually attracted to dissimilarities within his usual context. Moreover; we implemented basic urban farming concepts as we want to emphasize the importance of having green infrastructure; that is, natural landscape assets, including green spaces and water systems. Green infrastructure includes trees, parks, water sensitive urban design and green roofs, walls and facades. There is a range of benefits that can potentially be provided by green roofs, walls and facades: Increased property value, Storm water management, improved thermal performance, Aesthetics, open space, urban food production & cleaning the air.

Courtesy of Balsam Ibrahim & Hakem Habahbeh & Odai Haddad

Courtesy of Balsam Ibrahim & Hakem Habahbeh & Odai Haddad

Project Info:

Project name: Redefining Waste; Enriching Waste to Regenerate LifeCommunity Development and Waste Treatment Plant.
Team members: Balsam Ibrahim, Hakem Habahbeh, Odai Haddad
School : The University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan.

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