Commissioned by Bloomberg Philanthropy, the piece expounds the theme of “Waste not, Want it”. Situated in their London office, the installation is an exercise in encouraging creativity through otherwise waste material and consists of a series made almost exclusively out of Bloomberg’s waste. The waste comes in dump bales and is reconstituted to make cardboard.

Courtesy of Liam Hopkins

The piece utilizes:-
3,972 triangular cardboard borders make up frame
3,972 triangle inners fill the exoskeleton providing the cover
180 wooden pallets taken apart for chair frame and legs
11,000 nails removed from wooden pallets
252 leather offcuts from make up the chair seats

Courtesy of Liam Hopkins

Courtesy of Liam Hopkins

The installation is an ode to natural habitats like beehives, cocoons, spider webs and nests found and the sheer intricacy and the hard work behind them. Hence, a sort of perforated tunnel is created with internal seating and drop lighting. The piece shows a wonderful contrast in processes as the design itself is computer aided but the construction is by hand.

Pupa by Lazerian. ©Alex Maguire

Cardboard hence becomes the ideal material as its acoustic properties act as design parameter and versatility make it possible to glue each piece together by hand.

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