‘Prism’ Installation

Concrete has forever been perceived as a somber and a formal material of construction. Artist and Architect Inés Esnal decided to break away from the hardness of the material through her ‘Prism’ Intstallation. The artist added00 a dash of vibrance through colorful elastic strings as a foreground to the grey of the concrete.

Courtesy of Inés Esnal

Courtesy of Inés Esnal

‘Prism’ is featured in the lobby of a new residential building at 205 Water Street, Dumbo. In stark contrast with the concrete, these grids of elastic strings bunched together and juxtaposed to receive skylight quite cleverly manage to create three-dimensional colorful and dynamic perspectives for passers-by. Explaining the concept, Esnal says, “The installation positioned along the wall’s joint lines, acts as a filter of color to emphasize the concrete material. The zenithal light becomes rays of color like an optical prism.”

Installation Design: Ines Esnal Studio Esnal
Building Architect: S9 architecture
Location: 205 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Size: 815 x 230x 60 cm
Date: Diciembre 2012
Assembly: Ines Esnal, Ramon Gonzalez Carballada, David Sentis Claret, Roy Scandela, Nicola Medrow-Bürk, Adam Birnbaum
Photographs: Cameron R Neilson

Courtesy of  Inés Esnal

Courtesy of Inés Esnal

BY: Priyanka Sha

Edited by: Zeynab Matar

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