POLYP.lux is an interactive installation created by NYC-based design studio, SOFTlab, in May 2011. The installation was made for the entrance of ‘School Nite’ – an exhibition of site-specific installations, performances, and discussions. ‘Nuit Blanche New York’ curated the exhibition, which was part of Flash: Light 2011 and Festival of Ideas, sponsored by New Museum.

Courtesy of SOFTlab - Photography: Alan Tansey

Courtesy of SOFTlab – Photography: Alan Tansey

The art piece was designed as a signal for the entrance of St. Patrick’s Catholic School, at the corner of Prince and Mott Streets, in the historic ‘NoIta’ neighborhood. The site-specific installation relies on gravity to create its hanging geometry, while its ‘tentacles’ light up, flickering and blowing in the wind. The project was designed “with the intention of slowing down traffic through experience and effect rather than typical barriers“, designers mention. “Visitors are meant to co-mingle and interact with the piece, not unlike a clown fish and the sea anemone“, they add.

Construction Detail, Courtesy of SOFTlab

Construction Detail, Courtesy of SOFTlab

It took more than 1400 battery powered LED, conductive thread, mylar sheets and acrylic to complete the light installation. The organic geometry and contemporary technology used for this piece helped create a striking object that contrasted with the brick building and, moreover, stood out as a social attraction.

By: Ana Cosma

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