Photographer Christopher Herwig Captures the Unusual ‘Soviet Bus Stops’ in Pictures

Soviet architecture, or Stalinist architecture as some would call it, is reputable for its pure formality, rigidity, and sameness. However, it seems that the bus stops from the time have managed, somehow, to get away with being something more artistic and diverse. The one who took note of this fact was the Canadian photographer Christopher Herwig. That is why he went on a 30,000 km trip by car, bike, bus, and taxi passing by multiple former Soviet Union countries, to photograph their intriguing public art of the time, represented in those bus stops. His trip included 14 countries: Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Abkhazia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

After his trip came to an end, the photographer decided to share his collection of unusual photographs by releasing them in a limited edition book, called “Soviet Bus Stops”. Here, check out some of these photographs.

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