Peru National Football Stadium  Cinimod Studio

Lights come in every shape and form imaginable, from the bright eye catching neon lights, to the ordinary household light bulb. Although lighting conditions are an important part of the design process for buildings, the lights themselves would be insignificant if there were no structure to house them in. The same could be said about a room without any light. But the way we use light has become more innovative, allowing technology to be stretched in ways we could only dream about.

 Cinimod Studio utilizes the audience at the Peru National Football Stadium to create a stunning visual effect on the exterior of the stadium. Depending upon the mood of the crowd, the façade will light up creating a unique visual display, connecting the audience with the surrounding city. Noise picked up in the stadium is analyzed in real time by self-calibrating algorithms, determined as a “mood state” and then produced as a lighting pattern.


Courtesy of Cinimod Studio

The lights themselves were designed to integrate seamlessly into the architecture framework, laid out in dramatic flames that wrap upwards around the structure. As the energy in the stadium goes up and down, the lights resemble volume bars rising and falling in time with the action. With the pattern of light constantly changing, varying in color, brightness, scale, and speed, the façade is appears to be in motion making it just as entertaining to watch as the game itself.

With this project we can see how light can begin to transform a space. Even though the architecture of the stadium itself may not be anything special, the visual qualities it produces enables those in the city to enjoy the building as well as those inside watching the game. This is an entertaining building, on the inside, and out.

Architects: Cinimod Studio

Courtesy of Cinimod Studio

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