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OK 5+5+5=550. you can add one line only to the previous statement- and it cannot be a dash through the equals symbol. It can be done, there is a way. My mother taught me this mathematical gimmick, which she as a substitute teacher found to be solved quicker, the younger the children were.


Courtesy of Alexa Meade

When you look can you tell? Well scroll down a few and you will, BUT NOT YET! These 3 Dimensional paintings done by the artist Alexa Meade are a true melding of painting and photography. She paints people! Yes she does. And goddamn it, it’s a good idea. I’ve worked as a model, this would be in my opinion, a fantastic gig. The ingredients- a backdrop, a model and paint sufficient to place the model within the same schema as the backdrop. When there are all three, take a photograph (she takes a photograph). The art form is an amalgam of the artist’s skills as a painter and the model’s skills in performing. They’re paintings done by two people (one more than the other- but still two) in effective absentia of each other.

Courtesy of Alexa Meade

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